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Reputable Sellers The upper right hand corner of each auction listing has Seller Information . Sellers with a high percentage of positive feedback and many sales have a good reputation for fair dealing.
Pay Promptly Just as you want the seller to ship your product in a timely way and represent it faithfully, the sellers want buyers to make their payment promptly. If you say you'll buy it and you win, pay promptly.
Read Carefully Read the descriptions carefully. Pay particular attention to shipping charges. Be sure it is what you want before you bid. If you make a mistake, tell the seller immediately. Usually you can work something out. Dont wait until the auction ends!
Communicate If you have a question, use the Ask A Seller A Question link before bidding. It will send your email question to the seller.

Buy It Now In a Buy It Now auction, the first bidder has the option of exercising the Buy It Now option. If the buyer exercises this option, the buyer purchases the item at the Buy It Now price and the auction ends immediately. If the first bidder does not exercise this option (and instead enters a bid), the auction proceeds like a Chinese auction and ends when the duration expires.
Chinese Auction One item only per auction; auction ends only when duration expires; auction won by competitive bidding; only one winning bidder is possible. May be an eBay Stores item. This is what many people think of when they think of eBay auctions.
Dutch Auction One or more objects per auction; auction ends only when duration expires; auction won by competitive bidding; one winning bidder possible for each object in auction. May be an eBay Stores item (is the seller owns an eBay Stores storefront).
EBay Stores Stores Fixed Price Auction Ebay Stores is not a true specialty site, but rather a feature that allows a seller (in this context referred to as a store owner) to essentially have an eBay site all to herself. An eBay Stores storefront is a special subset of the eBay site for which the storeowner can customize the appearance and in which only items listed by the storeowner appear. In this way an eBay Stores storefront is like a virtual shop and the storeowner the proprietor.

In a Stores Fixed Price Auction, one or multiple objects are allowed per auction; auction ends either when last item is sold or duration expires (whichever comes first); each item is purchased immediately by a guaranteed buyer (no competitive bidding); one winning bidder possible for each object in auction. Item is listed in seller's eBay Stores storefront.
Sniping Most bidding for an item occurs in the last several minutes of the auction. When someone waits till the last instant to bid, this is called sniping. It's rather rude, and should be avoided. Competitive bidding is of course a good idea.

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